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Wendt and Kuhn Angel Figurines

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Why I collect only Wendt & Kuhn Angels

Why I collect only Wendt & Kuhn Angels is their high quality that started back in 1915 with the introduction of these high end wooden angles.

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Wendt and Kuhn Angels
Unlike the US counterpart known as precious moments that are made out of ceramic, these angles are made of wood. This allows for the paint to adhere to them with a stronger bond for a longer life of appearing like new. They also are very resistant to chipping since wood is a softer material than ceramic.

The Wendt & Kuhn Angels are easy to spot because of their distinct characteristics. These are the angels with green wings that each has eleven white dots on them. These have been made the same way for the last 85 years, all by hand. If your angle does not have exactly 11 dots on the wings, they are not an original Wendt & Kuhn Angel. The reason this is being pointed out is the sad fact there are imitations on the market at this time.

At the current time there are only 155 employees at the plant in Grunhainichen, Germany where these collectables are created. Of those there are 80 who do nothing else but paint the figurines as their duties every day. This does not include the faces. There are four artisans assigned that task and that is all they do.

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Wendt and Kuhn Angels
These are one of the two categories of what is considered Classic Angles. In that collection that is now being produced, there are over 86 different figures to choose from. One of the favorites from the collection is the 66 different Angel musicians (also called Orchestra Angels). They represent each musician instrument in an orchestra which can be set out on display (usually set on a Cloud, which is a wooden tiered display) at your home. This includes the tuba, trumpet, harmonica, violin, mandolin and lute players. Some of the players are standing while others are sitting. The violin player can be found in both positions.

The other Classic Angle category is the Grunhainichen Angles. These are the more typical poses that most people think about when thinking of angles. This includes the cupid with his bow and arrow, angels sitting on benches and angels kneeling and praying. There are 20 of these all together including a pair of angles that are holding a candle holder above their heads.

As with all manufacturers they are intruding new items all the time. With the Wendt & Kuhn Angels, this includes two series of snowflake angles, toy angels, Christmas angles, goodwill angles and many others. Many of these are seasonal and are not produced year round.

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Wendt and Kuhn Angels
From time to time selected angles are pulled from the production line and are no longer available for a number of years. These are the ones that have a dramatic increase in value over the years.

Remember to be an authentic "Grunhainichener" Wendt & Kuhn Angel the wings must be green and there will be 11 dots on them. The top row will have 2 dots with 3 rows of 3 dots each. All others are imitations (although Wendt & Kuhn also make a Snowflake Angel with blue white wings).

The reason why I collect Wendt & Kuhn Angels are for their inspirational value and their meaning to me in my heart along with retaining their values for years to come.

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