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Wendt and Kuhn Angel Figurines

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Let me tell you about Wendt & Kuhn

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Wendt and Kuhn Angels
Let me tell you about Wendt & Kuhn, the company that makes the most adorable little angels every one is made by hand. This business started just after the outbreak of World War One by two ladies. Their names were Margarete Wendt and Margarete Kuhn. Back in those days, the ladies of that nation did not contribute to the war efforts so these two ladies decided to do something positive with their time.

They opened a wood working shop that was for toys and curious items. Over the door was a sign with a fir tree and the initials of both ladies W.u.K. These two ladies were soon joined by a sister in law. Together they made beautiful wooden toys, music boxes, but they specialized in little angels.

For an original staff of just two ladies, they have grown to 155 full time employees. 80 of these employees do nothing but paint the figurines and 4 only paint the faces of the angels. As by the number of employees prove, the angels are in the highest demand and require artisans to make them unique.

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Wendt and Kuhn Angels
There was a time that production was limited along with who could obtain these collectible wooden Angels. This was during the communist era. This lasted from 1946 until the wall came done in 1990. Since 1990, this little wooden toy company has seen an explosion in the demand for their product.

Since those early days of only selling out of their little shop in Grunhainichen, Germany the company has expanded due to demand. Today their products can be found in over 1100 outlets across Germany and in over 11 different countries. The largest recipients of these products being America, Great Britain, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Norway, France, Sweden and Canada.

While the Wendt & Kuhn Angels are the best known products of this company, they are not the only things that are being produced. With the same high quality a detail in the angels there are also music boxes, Saving boxes, The Blossom Kinder and Friends figurines, the Children of Grunhainiehener figurines, Snowflake Tree decorations, Grunhainiehener Tree decorations, Christmas Candle holders that are figurines and Angel and Kinder mountains (or Clouds) which are display platforms for your wooden figurines.

The music boxes come in two varieties, the 18 and 36 note boxes. The Children of Grunhainiehener are available in birthday numbers, or representing craftsman, a raven or storks. The Blossom Kinder and Friends are made in themes of spring, summer and autumn along with harvest, and as little musicians.

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Wendt and Kuhn Angels
The most widely sought after Grunhainiehener Angels are themed the Brass Band, Choir Angels, Lighting Angels, Percussion, Polka Angels, String Wood Orchestra and Strings. Each year or two there are also new additions to the Grunhainiehener Angel family.

There is also a couple of limited edition Golden Angels that are currently being made. These are still made of wood, but gold plating is added to them in the appropriate places.

This is what I would have to say if you let me tell you about Wendt & Kuhn and their wonderful products.

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