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The Importance of Angels at Christmas

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Wendt and Kuhn Angels
My family has had Wendt & Kuhn Angels as part of our Christmas celebration for nearly 90 years I have been told. The importance of Angels at Christmas and the way my family would carefully handle them when placing them on display made me wonder why. I thought Christmas was about Santa Clause and the birth of Christ.

To get a real explanation when I was younger I asked my grandfather. I just knew he would be able to explain it. The following is what he told me and how I explain it to my grandchildren.

The angels from heaven are God’s messengers. They have a hierarchy which as the Archangel Saint Michael is at the top. Just below him are the Seraphim’s and the Cherubim’s is angel ranking. Upon hearing the news that then Son of God, the Christ Jesus was born, the angles were overjoyed.

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Wendt and Kuhn Angels
These Angels were lead by the leader of the heavenly orchestra named Temira. He instructed the two trumpeters to start playing and announce to the world that the Christ Child had been born. He then led the Heaven orchestra in music that the whole world could hear on the blessed night.

The trumpeting Angels flew down to the lands surrounding Bethlehem and announced to the shepherds nearby that Jesus, the Son of God had been born in a manger in the town of Bethlehem. They were also instructed to go and see the Christ child personally and be filed with joy and happiness.

In their expression of joy they flew over the earth with singing that could be heard by all of the inhabitants of the globe. What was heard was singing the praises of God by the verses "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and good will towards man".

This expression of joy was recorded in the hymn "Hark the Herald Angels sing" which is still sung today at many of the Christian churches around the world at Christmas time.

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Wendt and Kuhn Angels
Other Angels that played a significant role in this blessed event included the Angel Gabriel. He was the one that visited the blessed mother Mary and informed her that she was carrying the Son of God. After that point it is believed by the faithful that God himself appointed many tiny angels to overlook Mary and Joseph until the blessed event occurred. They looked after this pair from that time forward, over the mountains and into the manger when that was the only space available in town.

This is the reason the Wendt & Kuhn Angels have a complete orchestra as part of their available angels. They represent the musicians that played the music that announced the joy and celebration of the birth of Jesus to the world.

This is the importance of Angels at Christmas as set forth by my grandfather. They were and still are the messengers of God that spread the joyful messages he wishes to share with all of his children.

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